In September of 2021, Barra Enthusiasts came to light as being a One-Stop shop for Ford Barra Parts. The goal was to create a safehaven for fellow Ford Barra enthusiasts to have an easy and quick shopping experience with the ability to find all of the parts they need in one place.

Since then, our business model has expanded aggressively with our catalogue availability being over 100,000 parts. In July 2022, Pike’s Auto Group PTY LTD. has taken the umbrella to hold the structure of Barra Enthusiasts and it’s sister companies to allow for further expansion.

With the goal of making parts easy to find at an affordable price, Pike’s Auto Group PTY LTD. has moved on to open OS Auto, Pike’s Auto Trade and is currently in development; Performance Block and JDM Enthusiasts.

These stores will create an environment for their demographic to find the parts easier in their tailored stores while allowing Pike’s Auto Group to ship out the parts at a fast and efficient rate.

We are extremely excited for the future and would like to show our gratitude to Partly and the team for supporting us on our venture with the use of their PartsPal fitment software.

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